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Access to NARGA

Access during normal times

During normal times all students of the Science and AgrScience faculties have access to NARGA. If you are not in the above mentioned faculties, please log a call for us on the NARGA Servicedesk to ask for permission.

How to get access to NARGA during lockdown alert levels

During lockdown levels students do not have all hour access to NARGA, we do not have enough space avilable for all NARGA students. Only students that have a sound motivation for access to NARGA, i.e. no laptop, no data etc. will have the oportunity to log a call on our service desk to request access. All other access for your classes will be granted to you by your lecturer (or assistant or demis etc). They will open the NARGA room for you when you go to class.

Please log a call for us on our Service Desk here.

Procedure (regulation) for students to gain access to Narga services:

Last update: 2024-05-22
Created: 2024-05-22